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Laser and holographic technology for the future of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Earth and in space.

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Evangelism and Laser Communication Technologies

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Hello. My name is Frank DeFreitas. Now retired (as of 2017), I have had a long and very rewarding 35 years working within the Nobel prize- winning fields of Lasers and Holography.

It is with a sad heart that I must convey the passing of holographer Steve Michael. His daughter called this morning (aug 5, 2022) and said that he passed away a few days ago. Steve helped to open up holography to thousands of people through his vast work / research, and his instructional 3Dimagery dot com web site (site is http, not https, so I will not add an active link ... cut and paste if you would like to visit). Going against the conventional wisdom of the day, Steve created the first laser-pointer hologram. He was always willing to take the time to discuss and answer questions with anyone who contacted him. The two of us stayed in touch, mostly yearly around the holidays, and his latest interest was enjoying his astrophotography. I wish his family peace during this difficult time. As of this afternoon, I do not have any additional information. -- Frank DeFreitas

Ever since the invention of electricity, we have depended on the electron as the sole carrier of information. Today we are transitioning into the world of the photon (light) in new and exciting applications of communication technologies.

Lasers and holography provides students with a valuable opportunity of *combining* art, science and technology -- all wrapped up in one -- utilizing the most advanced visual imaging technology in the world today. Have a look around ... and learn about laser holograms and their many applications in the 21st Century and beyond.

Frank DeFreitas Holography


NASA Lunar Laser Ranging Experiments: Proof of Young Earth? NASA Lunar Laser Ranging Experiments: Proof of Young Earth?

My latest presentation / program for 2019 and beyond ... developed by someone (me) who spent every day of his entire adult life working with lasers. What can the NASA laser moon bounce (ranging) experiments tell us about the account of Biblical creation as recorded in Genesis? Answer: a LOT! I supplement this presentation with an actual live demonstration of a laser and lunar retroreflector, as placed on the moon via the NASA Apollo missions. Participants can also "Touch the Moon" via a lunar meteorite moon rock (NWA 5000).

hand pointer icon Holotelegraphy: Genesis DNA

My experimental holographic images that communicate through free space via an amplitude modulated laser reconstruction. This method relies on a analog or digitally modulated laser, along with a 3-dimensional holographic image acting as the transmission beacon.

hand pointer icon Natural Laser Action in the Antediluvian Atmosphere?

This paper examines the possibilities of stimulated emission in the pre-flood atmosphere of Earth. Mars and Venus observations showed processes analogous to optical pumping in laboratory lasers were taking place and led to the coining of the term 'natural lasers'. Stimulated emission -- the effect which makes lasers so powerful -- accounts for up to seven per cent of the total emission.

antique hand pointer Holograms and Microscopes Holograms and Microscopes

Holograms and Microscopes: See how 3D laser holograms can be viewed under 3D stereoscopic microscopes -- as if the original object were really there. But the object isn't there at all, it is a holographic image. The magnification can also be self-contained within the hologram itself. Presented to the New York Microscopical Society in fall 2017.

antique hand pointer Holograms, Light and the Word of God Holograms, Light and the Word of God

Holograms, Light and the Word of God: Energy and power are contained in the light spoken into existence by Jesus Christ on Day One of Creation. He is the awesome and powerful Creator of the universe. This paper / lesson shows the connection between holograms, light, and the Word of God.

hand pointer icon Shroud of Turin Laser Research (updated 2024)

This is my 2017 proof-of-concept investigation into creating 3D laser holograms of fabric fibers of the Shroud of Turin. These holograms could then be duplicated, and sent to labs around the world for examination under 3D stereoscopic microscopes. My research with microscopical laser holography earned an invited presentation to the New York Microscopical Society in 2017.

hand pointer icon What Are Lasers Used For?

Perfect for research, reports and homework, this web page gives students a printable list of what lasers are used for in today's world. Laser technology is all around us in our everyday living. Find out just how much this is true.

hand pointer icon Holograms of Ancient Biblical Artifacts

Babylon. Persia. Assyria. Jerusalem. Antioch. 3D laser holograms of ancient Biblical artifacts document the historical events of the Holy Bible.

hand pointer icon World's Smallest Lord's Prayer

The "Lord's Prayer" has been the reference standard for micro miniaturization for over 150 years. Here is my attempt at the world's smallest via lasers and holograms: a Lord's Prayer written entirely in the area the diameter of a human hair (less than 100 microns).

hand pointer icon The Hologram Bible

The Bible of the future will rely on the Nobel prize-winning achievements of lasers and holographic data storage. This hologram contains the entire King James Bible -- 1,245 individual pages, and 773,746 words in the area the size of a snowflake.

hand pointer icon Noah's Ark Laser Holographic Project

In 2016, wood and artifacts from a world-famous expedition to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's Ark was brought to my holography laboratory. These are the photos and notes reporting on making 3-dimensional laser holograms of the objects. Could this truly be wood from Noah's Ark?...

hand pointer icon History of Christian 3D Archives

Long before laser holography, there were many varied 3D imaging technologies that celebrated the life of Jesus Christ. Wonders of the Bible holds what may be the largest collection of Christian 3D imaging science and technology in the world today.

hand pointer icon Collecting Laser Hologram Memorabilia

Online guide to collecting holograms and related laser and holography historical memorabilia and ephemera. Since 1976, I have been collecting and preserving printed memorabilia and ephemera related to the world-wide history of lasers and holography. Its scope documents over 150 years of three dimensional imaging science and technology.

hand pointer icon HoloKids: Home School Resource

Understanding holograms and lasers in simple terms for elementary and middle school aged students. An online resource since 1997.

hand pointer icon Make A Laser Interferometer

Gravity waves were recently discovered by scientists using a Laser Interferometer. Build one yourself with these step by step instructions. This tabletop method will allow you to detect very minute changes (within wavelengths of light) being made by thermal and vibrational changes in the environment.

hand pointer icon Laser Pointer and Diode Holography

Back in 1998, this was the hottest web page for holography in the entire world: making holograms with laser pointers and higher-powered diode laser systems. With 2018 being the 20th anniversary, I include it here in remembrance of that most exciting time in holography. Things would never be the same again.

hand pointer icon Hologram of the Moon

The world's first 3D laser hologram of the moon: from telescopic images taken 150 years apart. The Hologram Moon was a blue-ribbon winner, World Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science, 2011. There is also a 3D anaglyph; an antique stereograph; and a commemorative poster that you can download.

hand pointer icon Holografía, Láseres y Hologramas en español

Estudiantes: tecnología del láser y sus múltiples aplicaciones en medicina, comunicaciones, y las ciencias y artes. Los estudiantes, investigadores educadores y el público en general pueden escuchar a través de las computadoras y los teléfonos inteligentes de la escuela, el hogar o la oficina.

hand pointer icon Make Your Own Laser Holograms!

Wherever you are in the world, this self-paced, online workshop is waiting for you. It is designed for students and educators who wish to learn the basics of making REAL laser holograms. You will receive essentially the same instructional information as my holography workshops at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. With over 3 hours of various media, you will receive a brief history of lasers and holograms, explore practical applications, review basic concepts and theory, and acquire methods and best practices of making holograms. Carefully. Methodically. Correctly.

Holograms: Light and the Word of God

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