NASA Lunar Laser Experiments:

What Biblical Creation information can we derive from the compiled data of the NASA Lunar Laser Experiments?

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PODCAST: Preserving the Holy Word of God in Space: Part One

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What can a Laser tell us about Biblical Creation?

In 2019, we observe not only the 50th anniversary of the first human footsteps on the moon, but also the Apollo 11 astronauts placing the first laser retroreflectors there. What better time than now to examine what lasers can tell us about Biblical Creation?

There are more earth/moon, system/age creation theories than I have fingers and toes. Scholars and experts have labored throughout history creating their very own accounts of the origins of the universe (and our earth-moon system in particular). As such, there are plenty of theories to choose from. But Jesus Christ does not play the multiple choice game. My presentation demonstrates that there is only ONE choice, and that it can be verified through modern laser technology: God created the universe during six 24-hour days; circa 6,000 years ago; placed the moon on day four of creation; and that the earth-moon system has remained stable ever since.

Whether one is learning about the theories behind an "old earth" at 4.5 billion years (and counting), or a "young earth" at circa 6,000 years, it nearly always turns out to be a complex, complicated affair. You may ask: "What Biblical creation information can we derive from the compiled data of the NASA Lunar Laser Ranging Experiments?". The answer is: "A LOT!".

Traditionally, many young earth proponents waste much time and effort to show how the 4.5 billion year evolutionary age theories of the earth are incorrect. I say forget it. If they don't match up with the Bible, they are ALL incorrect! My approach is different: I focus on how the young earth Biblical account of Genesis IS correct. Observationally correct. Mathematically correct. Miraculous acts of divine origin correct.

Frank DeFreitas of Wonders of the Bible holding an NWA-5000 lunar meteorite moon rock

Hello, my name is Frank DeFreitas. I have spent every day of my entire adult life working with the Nobel prize-winning fields of lasers and holography, co-wrote the world's best selling student instructional book on lasers and holography, and designed and built my own laser optical system for making 3D holograms. I am now happily retired, but continue to give presentations on Biblical based art, science and communication technologies.

It is November 2018. I am now back home after the second annual Creation Celebration Conference in Newark, Delaware, and my inaugural presentation of "NASA Lunar Laser Ranging Experiments: Proof of Young Earth?". Shown here in this photo (taken before I left), I am holding a lunar meteorite moon rock sample (NWA 5000) in tweezers, next to a retroreflector held in an Edmund Scientific optics mount (I saw my first laser beam and 3D hologram at Edmunds showroom as a kid ... waaaay back in 1968!).

The presentation was very well-received, and I hope that -- at the very least -- I was able to demystify the technical aspects of the NASA Apollo program Lunar Laser experiments: What is a Laser? How do they work? What were the NASA Apollo Laser experiments? What is a retroreflector? How does it function? Where are they located on the moon? How does it all tie in to the Biblical account of creation? Why is the truth about Genesis an important foundation of our faith?

Along with the technical, I also took the liberty to compare the complexities and variables of a 4.5 billion year age of the earth, to the mathematical simplistic beauty of God's placement of the moon on day four of creation for a young earth. Here I am referring to a "young earth" as the creation of our universe in six, twenty-four hour days, six-thousand years ago via the chronology of the first book of Moses, Genesis, in the Christian Holy Bible.

Using a safe, low-power classroom laser, I gave a demonstration showing how we bounce laser beams off the moon, utilizing an actual retroreflector assembly. I included a larger laser plasma tube for attendees to examine, and I used it to explain how a gas laser operates. There were also 3D laser holograms and various examples of micro / nano scripture on display. Attendees then had the opportunity to "Touch the Moon" ... a very popular activity with a lunar meteorite moon rock ... a piece of the famous NWA 5000. Not many people can say that they have touched the moon! After all, the moon is God's creation, too!

Upon completion of my presentation, attendees were (hopefully) more knowledgeable about lasers, optics, the NASA Apollo moon program, and how it all ties in to Biblical creation. Some of the younger audience members watched and heard -- for the very first time -- the Apollo 8 crew reading the Christmas Eve Biblical Genesis 1 message. They did not even know that it ever took place. One audience member shared with me how much the experience had moved them.

I also hope I was able to show that -- sometimes -- it is a waste of time, effort, and resources to always try to prove the other side wrong. Just keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and His Holy Word and keep moving forward. I do not care if a segment of the world wants to think that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. Why? Because the Bible has it right: God put the moon in place on Day 4 of creation ... and today it remains where He put it. As I calculate in my presentation, the NASA Lunar Laser Ranging Experiments show this to be true. And you don't need a Ph.D. to understand it.

It may not end the debate ... but will give audience members a LOT to think about!

Included in this Exhibit / Presentation:

* Power Point Presentation
A power point presentation covering the history and workings of the NASA Lunar Laser Ranging Experiments (with demonstrations, noted below), and presenting my case for a young earth interpretation of the collected data.

* Live Demonstration of a Laser / Retro reflector
See and learn how a laser works and how it creates a Laser "beam". See and learn how the Apollo retro reflectors work on the surface of the moon.

* 3D Laser Holograms
A tabletop display of 3-dimensional laser holograms. Featuring Biblical artifacts as seen in top museums around the world: the Louvre in Paris; the British Museum in London; and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

* Moon & Scripture Exhibit
Biblical depictions of the moon, along with ancient tablets, scrolls and Bible pages.

* Microscopical Samples
View thin-slice samples dealing with the creation and formation of the Earth, moon and solar system, up-close via microscopes. Featuring the famous Allende meteorite (the best-studied meteorite in history), NWA 5000 lunar meteorite, and Strelley Pool Stromatolite microfossils.

A crowd favorite! Examine and touch a very famous lunar meteorite moon rock (NWA 5000) from the lunar highlands. You may never meet another person in your entire life that has touched the moon. Hold it in your hand, and say "I touched the moon!" The moon is God's creation too!

* And always a few surprises...

Holograms: Light and the Word of God

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